Previously on 50 vs 50:

“I was recently accepted as a industry professional at San Diego Comic Con.  While this is awesome news and particularly significant for my career, if I have any chance of making it out there and reaping the rewards, I had better start hoofing it now or else start saving up enough money for my flight, hotel and expenses.”

I started 50 vs 50 in March 2011  as a way to pay my way to Comic Con.  It project successfully funded the trip.  This year, I am doing a Comic Con exclusive piece of art for a pretty big company and I feel it is in my best interest in going to Comic Con to support the art and also soak up some accolades for it.  Therefore,  I am doing this all over again.

50 vs 50 is a limited run online art project. The concept is simple. I will create 100 original drawings. Purchasing one reserves your spot in the queue. Choose your side – dark or light. Give your creation a name. Decide on one power and one weakness. Once I get your order, I’ll head to my drawing table and in a few days, you’ll get an original full color, print ready DIGITAL drawing by me. These are being done on a first come, first served basis. There are only 100 and  once they are gone,

What do I get for my $50.00?

You will be e-mailed original 8.5 x 11, full-color, 300 dpi, print-ready DIGITAL FILE of your character. I will e-mail the file to you as a JPG, unless you ask for it in a different format. Please provide a valid e-mail address when you pay through Paypal so I can contact you in the event of a problem and so I can get the final file to you.

I can also e-mail the file to you as a hi-res PDF that will allow you to send it to a Kinko’s type place and output it on your own. If you  need assistance with that,
I can certainly help you. Just ask!

For a few extra dollars, you can also buy a signed print of your image from me. These come already printed, signed and  ready for framing, Huzzah!

If you are interested, I am also selling the original pen and ink drawings.  These are pretty neat little original pieces of art that sometimes differ from the finished art.  There might be other art (such as failed experiments) on the back! You can email me at monsterbymail at gmail to make arrangements to purchase the original black and white.

Can you draw me Spiderman? Or Batman?
Or (insert real comic book character name here)?

Nope. Due to copyright laws, I cannot draw established comic book characters. But no worries! Did you ever come up with a hero as a kid and always want to see them fleshed out?  Did you create a super villain, but you’ve wanted to work with an artist to bring that character to life?  I can do that! I would love this project to stretch your creativity too! So have fun with it and come up with something original!

Can you make my character resemble me?

Yes, but do not expect a full blown caricature of yourself. Having to draw a person into the image puts a creative limit on the project. If you’re really jonesing for an image of yourself as a cartoon, however, feel free to order one of my cartoon avatar Flipfaces or perhaps  a Monster By Mail from me. With those projects, I CAN and will create an image that is based off a photo of you.

Power and weakness are great. But I want something totally custom. Can I make some suggestions?

Sure! Feel free to send me your ideas to I’ll take a look at your suggestions and try my best to work it into the final drawing. (Operative word is: TRY.)

Can you draw my cat/dog/pet as a hero or monster?

Um. No.

Can you draw my baby as a hero or monster?

Maybe. Send me the photo so I can check it out before you order.

Can you draw a group of my friends of family as a group?
I’ll pay you extra, pretty please?

Although I love the idea of you paying me more cash money for more work, I’m keeping the images to one character per request.  Thanks for asking though!

I want to order both! Can I do that?
And can you make one huge epic image of them fighting one another?

You can order as many characters as you want as long as there are slots available. (In the Gallery pages, dark gray indicates a reserved spot. Light gray indicates that a spot is still available.  You can also check the character gauge on the homepage to see how many slots are left.) Because these are individual drawings, however, I cannot draw the two of them battling it out. Stay tuned though. Your character may be able to battle other characters in the future…

Thoroughly confused? Do you have more questions?  Feel free to contact me.